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The series Parábolas (parables) is constituted by a multidisciplinary artistic exercise that combines installation, collage and photography. The author flee from all digital artifice and surrenders to the creation of integrated scenarios by occasionally found or borrowed objects, and also by collages and photomontages with a Dadaist touch, where the word ‑main protagonist of the series- becomes the perfect excuse for another speech, for a theoretical argument that it is in the symbol as the (logical) path that leads to the idea of matter.


The presence of the text, either in narration, sentence meaning, and content; either graphics, fragments, single letters, and even numbers, represents for Dilyana Glogova an invisible tattoo that covers the epidermis of his photographs, a powerful hint of an existential own journey, decipherable only to the viewer that achieves an agreement between her/himself and the feelings that words translate to our senses and emotions, as long as they help us to establish a relationship, any relationship with the images, installations, and abstract collages that Glogova propose, and that connected us with the keys generated by the emotions.


Thus, the verses of the artist, as a brief thoughts and aphorisms, translate the beauty of a reality where social criticism mixed with fiction, poetry, the playful element; all conditioned by a perpetual unreality, of not belonging to this world except for the space occupied in the reflection proposed Dilyana Glogova.


Elvira Rilova / Art Historian



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