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My artistic process openly expresses my taste for experimentation, since my work is multidisciplinary and I fluctuate between photography, collage and intervention. Through my work I propose an open discourse to the development of various visual practices, creating new meetings to blow up the boundaries of the viewer, by posing questions and creating diverse interpretation fields.


My work aims to renew strategies in terms of relations with the environment and context. Through my creative approaches I resort to a universe of memories and experiences, giving value to the synthesis between the political and the banal, the social and the personal.


In my work I intend to find anchor points through a few common resources. I open myself to new fields and I experiment with found objects. I play with symbols and words, I go into detail about textures and colors to slip and approach towards a matter of commitment to what surrounds me.


                                                                                         Dilyana Glogova, June 2015






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